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The Adventure begins

June 7, 2019

 There's nothing like inspiring the love of geography than sending a stuffed animal out into the world! Salty Croc, our geopet, tugged at heart strings (not mine), drew smiles and gathered a crowd as he set off for his world adventure today. If you don't know what a geopet is take a quick look at "Meet Salty, our Geopet".


With Salty was a journal for his travelling companions to leave notes of his adventures, a nice little sleeping bag pocket for him to snuggle in (made out of a pair of my jeans) and a pen.


The morning passed without too much drama (and that's saying a lot, especially for my place) and before we knew it Salty was on his way to his first destination. The children got in lots of extra snuggles on the way to drop him off and we handed him without any tears (yes a major feat) to his first travelling companion.


Within hours, I had news of Salty's location and the kids were super excited to hear that Salty was safely in Hawaii after a 9 hour flight.




Hawaii is a gorgeous chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean. They belong to the United States of America as one of their 50 states. My daughter Brianna was extremely excited to here that Salty was in Hawaii. It's one of her bucket list places to see.


I created some fun printables for the kids to learn about Salty's location and build their geography knowledge. You can grab a set of these free printables right here to follow along with his exciting adventure. 


We will be mapping Salty's progress on our chalk board map and I will share info of his whereabouts and any learning resources I create to make this journey fun and educational.


Don't forget you can email Salty Croc to hear from him on his journey. Your children will get a personalized email back answering any of their questions. Email him at saltycroc@australiamail.com


I would love to hear what you think about this geography inspired adventure. Leave a comment or send me an email.








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