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Meet Salty, our Geo-pet!

May 30, 2019


So for those of you who read my last post, I am now an accidental home-schooler! Yep, I know, I was shocked too. See, I'm that mum that is super excited for the first day of school just so I can push my kids out of the car and tear off down the road with dust in my tracks. And then this happened...


Yeah, the short story is that my eldest decided change was in order and the next thing I knew, I was sitting in my home planning curriculum for my now 24/7 children.


Recently, after deciding that this home-schooling thing could be really fun, I got incredibly inspired by a blog I saw on Pinterest by Abby at 4onemore about Geo-pets. Basically a Geo-pet is a stuffed animal that you send off into the wild world with a travelling companion and it gets passed around like an old-school chain letter, leaving a trail you can follow.


Immediately I decided that since I didn't have enough to do already, I would take on this new project of a Geo-pet. So I got planning.


I told the girls about this incredible opportunity to follow an amazing journey around the world and learn about geography on the way. I waved my arms and talked excitedly to generate more enthusiasm and within moments my excitement was becoming contagious! 


All of a sudden my kids wanted to learn about the world!


We then started looking for the perfect stuffed animal to take on the life of a world traveller. This proved to be more difficult than I imagined (which is crazy, I know, especially knowing what my kids are capable of!). We went through every stuffed toy in the house with one or other of my kids telling me why that particular pet couldn't be used for our project. Eventually I found a stuffed animal that the children hadn't been aware of and we made a unanimous decision that we now had our traveller.


That is until a few hours later.


Turns out my daughter Caitlin got attached to "Salty" the stuffed green crocodile for our project.




With tears streaming down her face, she told me why she was concerned for Salty's safety and was worried that he might not return. I briefly considered sending her instead, then gave her a big hug and told her that he would really enjoy his journey and that people in the world are usually nice and hopefully would take care of him. I also told her that I would share about Salty's journey on Facebook so other people could look out for him too. This finally stemmed the flow of the waterworks and operation Salty was back underway!


Feeling like this breakthrough was a giant leap for our household I called my best friend to ask if Salty could make his first leg of the journey with her to Hawaii. Being extremely understanding of what I was going through, she accepted my proposal and Salty's ticket out of the country was booked. My girls were both feeling much more comforted that Salty would be leaving the country with a familiar face and decided to write letters to him that he could carry with him in case of homesickness.


These letters almost had me in tears but I summoned up my superwoman strength and put on a brave face.


Salty Croc is now all ready to embark on his journey with his own email address (saltycroc@australiamail.com), a carry bag for souvenirs and a journal where his travel companions can leave mention of his adventures.


We will be sharing news of his travels here in the blog and my daughters would both love to know that you are keeping your eye out for where Salty is in the world. In the coming weeks I will share news of his whereabouts, geographical information about his location and some fun printables so your kids can learn alongside with mine.


Project Salty launches in 7 days....



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