A new home-school adventure

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

A few weeks ago I was envisaging my year and what I was planning on accomplishing, when all of a sudden my eldest daughter decided that some drama was needed. Out of the blue she decided that school was from the pit of hell and just refused to go back. Now I'm talking 0 to 100 in panic mode from a child happy to go to school just the week before!

Feeling completely caught off guard, I did what every sensible parent would do and I ignored her and sent her to school. (Parent of the year!) Anyways, turns out that didn't help and by the following day I had a meeting with the principle to discuss what our options were.

The meeting with the principle went well and after discussing why my daughter was so unhappy (I left out the part where she thought she should be allowed to dress as a mermaid for class), my husband and I decided on home-school until we could get things under control.

So my life changed from happy, peaceful, quiet school days to three kids now at home 24/7. We decided to home-school both the girls so that Brianna didn't feel left out and the extra flexibility of not having to stick to school hours meant we could add in some extra fun.

Within less than a week, I went from busy first time author to full time home school mum! (I told you I like adventure).

Knowing that my life was now going to look quite different, I sat down with a pen and a piece of paper and tried to work out how to be a super hero! I didn't go as planned so I decided to go with the second best option for the super planned - winging it! That seemed to do the trick but even so the first few weeks were a plethora of challenges, just taunting me to give up the home-school challenge.

The first was expecting my husband to be home-school dad while I went to a conference that I had been booked into for a year. The poor fragile man ended up catching man-flu the second I left and also had to get up in the night to the kids (twice!). I really have no idea how he dealt with such trauma.

The second thing was that apparently our internet bill had not been paid for three months (thanks hubby) so in perfect timing our internet was cut off, which made accessing all the home-school materials impossible.

We suffered through too many toilet breaks, a bull-ant in the lounge room, a child who suddenly forgot how to read and me learning how to navigate the new online learning system.

Like a true warrior, I fought hard through the obstacles and earned myself a place in the mum hall of fame!

We are now settling into a nice home-school pace and actually loving the new experience. The girls both seem happier, our toddler son loves being with his sisters all day and the grass is mowed more often because my husband wants to get out of our loud house! Win-win!

So I will be now sharing some life lessons with home-school kids over the coming weeks and allowing you to follow on our new journey at Real Life Family. Plus if you have any tips or tricks, please let me know, being a newbie I may forget that my kids are supposed to be doing schoolwork and instead teach them how to be housemaids! LOL

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