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5 things you should never travel without

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

By the end of 2018 I will have been to a total of 38 countries. Feeling like quite the seasoned traveller I thought I would share my favourite travel must-haves to set yourself up for a great trip. Obviously, you would include the items you would expect such as passport, camera, phone, clothes etc but this little list is for the things you might not think of.

  1. An e-reader - nothing says travelling entertainment than a reading tablet with hundreds of books on it. I love how I can switch between different books and buy more instantly should I get bored. However, have a backup plan for entertainment if the worse case scenario happens – your kindle breaks. I know, the thought is just too horrible to even put into words but it can happen. I lived through this experience when my kindle of 8 years sadly died on the floor of our cruise room one dark and stormy night after it tragically fell of the window sill (Yes, I blame myself). And yes, I was in the middle of a really great book, thanks for asking.

  2. Music and earphones – Music really relaxes me and having some of my favourite tunes allows me to sink into music land now and then to escape the travelling stresses (and the guy snoring on the plane next to you).

  3. A journal – whether you are a journal person or not, having some way to jot down parts of your trip is essential, whether it is electronically via an app or on paper. So much of your trip gets forgotten after a while especially if you are doing many places or a prolonged period in one trip. It’s often the small things that you forget that can actually be some of your favourite memories or travel stories. Reading back on some of my trips lets me relive the experiences and treasure the moments. (It can also solve arguments when you disagree about what restaurant you ate at that one night).

  4. A roll of duct tape – so, before you freak out and think I’m planning on abducting people on my trip, just bear with me. Duct tape is a travellers best friend. Bag tears? Tape it up. Strap breaks? Tape it back together. Pool lounge gets a leak? Good ol’ duct tape. Child is too noisy? You got it!

  5. A mini sewing kit – picture this…you are just lining up the perfect vacation pic to brag on Instagram when your pants suddenly tear, right down the middle! Yep, it happens, but with your trusty little travel sewing kit and some quick thinking you are able to save the day! Crisis averted!

So what about you? What things do you think are a must for travel? Share your thoughts with me.

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