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Singapore with Kids - 10 good reasons to go

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Singapore is one of those places where you can start travelling with the kids for the very first time. There are so many great things to see and do in Singapore and it is clean, safe and perfect for families. Want to hear more? Here are 10 reasons why you should take your family to Singapore:

1. Easy direct flights - let's be honest, travelling with kids often fills us with fear just around the thought of the long flights, stopovers and bag changes. Singapore allow for you to get direct flights straight there which minimises the fuss, reduces the chances of lost luggage and increases the chance that you will arrive at your destination still relatively sane.

2. Affordability - A week in Singapore can cost you under $1500 for a family of four including flights which makes it quite affordable for most families with a bit of saving, especially if you can forgo the 5 star hotel.

3. So much to do - with aquariums, theme parks, beaches, resorts, islands, shopping, food and so much more to keep your whole family entertained - constantly! You may even wear the kids out completely so they sleep in the next day (or not).

4. Efficient travel - Transport is really easy to use, keeps on schedule and saves you having to worry about rental cars and parking availability. It can also be quite a source of fun for the kids as they adapt to the different driving styles of some of the courtesy bus drivers. My girls found the trips around town quite entertaining and loved playing "corners" as they changed directions and nearly fell out of their seats.

5. Awesome weather - if you like cool dry weather then Singapore isn't for you. However, if you are into warm tropical weather then you will love it here. All year long. We find it a great place to escape the Aussie winters.

6. Great places to lay your head - Accommodation ranges from "sardines in a can" to "celebrity luxury" and allows for you to pick and choose to suit your budget, the size of your family, your particular tastes, location, and entertainment preferences. Some places also include in house babysitting and kids clubs to give adults some much needed time out.

7. The food - if you love to eat, then Singapore will satisfy your taste buds. With a huge variety of foods available on almost every corner, you can plan a smorgasbord of flavours to assault your senses for your entire holiday. And if you get overwhelmed with choice and don't know where to go, just ask the locals or watch to see where they get their fill. And for those really fussy little eaters you can also default to McDonalds.

8. Waterparks - My kids are basically fish and anywhere that has pools, beaches, water fountains, slides or any other place where they can get wet, will keep them very happy. Singapore is definitely not lacking in the water park arena with us hitting several waterparks in one day to satisfy our children's obsession. Try the Port of Lost Wonder or Adventure Cove Waterpark for our top 2.

9. The wildlife - okay, so not actually animals in the wild but you can get your animal fix while on holidays here. Singapore Zoo allows you to get up close to the beautiful array of animals and birds and the S.E.A aquarium allows you to see the amazing ocean animals. Need more? Try the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom while visiting Sentosa.

10. The locals - we loved our time in Singapore and found the locals to be friendly and helpful. We also felt like celebrities a bit when they wanted to pose with us in photos and have photos with our children because they love the colour of our skin. Having some time to chat with the locals and immerse yourself in the local culture is one of the biggest reasons to travel and see the world!

Are you planning a trip to Singapore? Have you been before? What were your highlights? Share your thoughts with me in the comments or send me an email, I would love to hear from you.

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