My daughter's birthday cake fail

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

It was time to make my daughter's birthday cake for her 7th birthday. Every year my kids talk about their birthday cakes for months, scrolling through Pinterest and looking through the cake book for the best one they can find. Some of the cakes are incredible and I'm having to become more and more creative each year to fulfill my kid's wishes.

This year I was excited for a nice simple cake for my eldest. She wanted a beautiful white two-tier confetti cake with dolls on it. I had never made a confetti cake before but how hard could it be? I had made some pretty awesome cakes in the past, if I may say so. Famous last words....

Fast forward a couple of hours and the freshly baked cakes were out of the oven. They smelt delicious and sprang back nicely when you touched them. I was delighted. I went to do some things around the house and when I returned, to my horror, the top tier cake had completely sunk in the middle. I mean so sunk it looked like a donut!

So being the creative, I decided to cut out the middle and say it actually was a donut. Which sadly made it look worse. Then to help matters along the "confetti" part of the cake didn't look at all like the pictures on Pinterest. It was just a mottled mess. Had it had more green sprinkles in the mix it would have looked like mould!

Improvising, I decided to just go with the bottom tier and just have a one layer cake. As I began to smooth the Betty Crocker icing (yep i was feeling especially lazy) to the top of the cake it began to peel and crumbs began mixing with the lovely white icing. Turns out the cake was quite moist, as in your shirts when they come out of the washing machine... before the spin cycle.

Anyway I kept icing until it actually looked edible. Then I decided to tint some of the icing pink and pipe beautiful icing roses around the bottom. Yes, a lovely thought I know. In theory. In practice the icing bag exploded and the nozzle shot out onto the counter giving me instead of icing roses, a caterpillar after a road accident.

One thing I do know is when to cut my losses so I removed the pink icing and covered the area with some more white, shook some sprinkles over the top, added some blue icing and stuck two Frozen dolls to the top. Crisis averted! I hope. I just hope my daughter doesn't cry when she sees what became of her confetti cake.

And in case you were wondering, my day didn't get much better.... but I may have made myself feel a bit better by eating some leftover icing. Thanks Betty!

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