20 ways to make 2020 an adventure!

Family life can get a bit monotonous at times, especially with the daily routines of eating, cooking, caring for the kids, school pickups and drop offs...

So I wanted to create a post to inspire you to make this year a bit more fun!

Our slogan is "making travel and adventure part of everyday life", and since I came up with that, I have been even more inspired to do more and create more memories with my family.

So choose some of the following and add some spunk to your year!

1. Do a monthly challenge - I can get a little obsessed with doing challenges. I love how they make you think outside the box a bit and do things you might not ordinarily think of. Some of my favourite challenges are photography challenges, minimalistic challenges, reading challenges and fitness challenges.

2. Sit down with the family and write a bucket list together of things that you would like to do this year. Maybe have several lists that you can use such as free experiences, weekend experiences, and expensive experiences. Then grab your calendar and jot down some dates where you will actually do these things. It will give you all something to look forward to (and save for if its a bit costly).

3. Get out in the community and join a fun run with the kids. There are hundreds of fun runs that are organised during the year and many cater for families by offering short distances like 2km or 3kms. Some even award finisher medals which can make for a great keepsake and a memory reminder.

4. Try something you have never done before. There is always something exciting (or maybe scary) about trying something new. You may discover you love it, or you may find out that it was awful. But then hey, you can refer your in-laws so they can not enjoy the same experience ;)

5. Try some new foods. Let's be completely honest here, this is not really my thing. I tend to be a bit boring with my eating habits and I prefer to put things in my mouth that I am familiar with (I am trying), but you might love this experience!

6. Go camping! Or glamping! Some of the best memories can be made camping (I think they can be made nicely in a 5 star resort too, but that doesn't always happen). Plus if you camp in Australia you don't have to worry about being eaten by a lion (yes, one of my fears from a previous camping trip - that's another story) so that's a plus!

7. Visit your nearest national park and enjoy a nice stroll. Take some family photos and put them up in your home to showcase your adventure.

8. Two words - Road Trip! Ok, so some kids aren't that fond of the car but if you are lucky enough to have kids that are, why not plan a fun road trip? Organise where you are going to go and check out Google maps for some fun sightseeing stops on your journey. Maybe even plan some fun car games to tempt even your non-car lovers into enjoying the trip too!

9. Take a class in something - anything! Try cooking, cake decoration, piano, aerial yoga... You may find you have a natural talent. Or you may land on your face, but hey, you might not need that nose job anymore.

10. Put on your Sunday best! Who doesn't love to dress up? (Actually my husband really doesn't but he's kinda weird). Get the kids dressed up and go out somewhere fun. You could choose to dress in formal or evening wear and go to a nice restaurant or you might want to dress in fancy dress and let your imaginations run wild! Maybe you could be a superhero family on a mission - and please, take your camera!

11. Be a tourist in your own hometown. There is a museum in my town that is literally less than 3km from my house and I've never been there. True story. Admittedly it is only open on one Sunday every month and we go to church but still, its something I have never done in my own home town. What hidden gems are awaiting you that you haven't yet experienced?

12. Take some family photos. It's a new decade and a fresh set of family photos is what the doctor prescribed... maybe not. But I do! If you don't want to get professional photos grab another family and take some photos for them and then get them to do the same for you. Find a fun location like the beach, a national park or even your own backyard.

13. Start a new family tradition. It could be a family valentine's day tradition, something you will do every winter, an outing that you repeat yearly, a new Christmas ritual or how about a neighbourhood cookout!

14. Have a movie marathon. Choose a theme (like mystery, comedy or family), grab some awesome snacks and drinks, pile in the pillows and start watching!

15. Plan a family holiday. Even if you can't book it for this year, spend some time thinking about where you would like to go, set a budget and start planning.

16. Create a theme week. Choose a theme and then create your week around that theme. It could be a country, a movie, a type of food or a lifestyle. Plan activities that match with your theme, eat appropriate foods etc. For example you might choose "Italy" as your theme. You can eat Italian style foods, watch movies set in Italy, visit the ice-cream shop and get gelato and even learn some of the Italian language.

17. Make a family home movie. You could film a fun occasion like a birthday party or a holiday or you could choreograph something an make a family news reel, act out a play or even make a music video! Extra points if you go bold and upload it to YouTube!

18. Go on a scavenger hunt. You can set one up yourself or even use an app to do something like geocaching. It is a great way to see some areas you might not usually go and can create excitement for the whole family.

19. Try some different forms of transport. Catch a train, a bus, a ferry, a cruise liner, a plane or even a snowmobile. See if you can do more than one. Take lots of photos.

20. Do a progressive dinner. You could do this with friends where you eat the entrée at one place, have the main at a second home and then dessert at a third. Another way is to choose three restaurants for each course.

What did you think of this list? What would you add to make it even better? I would love to hear your ideas.

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