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If you are a parent, family traveller or homeschooler then you have come to the right place. If you want real, honest and funny then welcome! I want this site to be a place that shares the real truth of parenting, homeschooling and travelling with kids and I love to have a laugh!

Join me through this site for fun stories, helpful tips to navigate this parenting gig and downloads to assist you on this adventure we call child wrangling.

Meet The fam

The Boss (aka Jonathon)

Jonathon or the Boss, caught the travel bug back in 2008 when he met an adorable Australian girl who was frequenting his home town in California. Deciding that he kinda liked her, he bought her a lovely ring and they promised to love, honour and travel for the rest of their days.


The rundown

Born in Apple Valley, California Jonathon spent most of his life in the desert apart from a few stints in other states.  After his life was disrupted by the Aussie girl, he uprooted and moved to his now home base of Sydney, Australia.


Country tally 24


Favourite place - Timor Leste


Bucket List Top 3

  • Israel

  • Drive the Pan-American highway (the route from Alaska to Argentina)

  • Expedition cruise over Northern Russia


Favourite experience to date

Hiking Wine Glass Bay, Tasmania


Useless trivia

  • Can use up copious amounts of time simply planning trips, especially when the grass is getting long

  • Favourite object is his smart phone which will not under any circumstance leave his side for more than the couple of minutes it takes to use the restroom (sometimes not even then)

The Real Boss (aka Jules)

After doing some small trips overseas followed by a large 4 month round the world trip, Jules obsession for the show Prison Break lured her to the United States where she lived for two years working as a child wrangler (or Nanny). One night while out with friends Jules bumped into Jonathon and was immediately taken by his amazing line dancing skills. A few weeks later, realising that dating was so overrated, she agreed to his proposal and they were married at sunset in the highest room of the tallest tower.


The rundown

Born in Western Sydney, Australia, Jules lived the quiet life in the mountains with her siblings until they moved to suburbia when she was 5 years old. She lived a rather normal life until she discovered travelling at the age of 18 when she left Australia for the first time. She is now based in Sydney, Australia but plans to continue travelling with her now expanded family of 5.


Country tally 36


Favourite place - Zanzibar Island


Bucket List Top 3

  • To see Aurora Borealis (Northern lights)

  • Spend the night in an igloo

  • Stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora


Favourite experience to date

Being one with nature in the Okavanga Delta in Botswana


Useless trivia

  • If one had to choose a food to live on for the rest of their days, Brie would definitely be at the top of this list.

  • Can get into giggle fits at often the most inopportune times (especially when tired)

Child #1 Caitlin (9  years)

The oldest of three children, Caitlin is our adorably full on child who just loves drama. She is actually quite a homebody but does love adventure when in the mood.


Country tally 12


Favourite place (apart from home) Carnival Sensation Cruise ship


Place she most wants to see – Bali (again)


Useless trivia

  • Doesn’t want to travel anywhere unless she has her most prized possession, her stuffed bunny named Gross Mim

Child #2 Brianna (6    years)

The quiet middle child tends to be quite easy going unless you really rub her the wrong way. She enjoys getting out and about and going on adventures and loves watching the Travel Channel and pointing out the places she would love to see.


Country tally 9


Favourite place (apart from home) Disneyland


Place she most wants to see – Harari (her pronunciation of Hawaii)


Useless trivia

  • Has an obsession for collecting “treasures” which could be anything from a rock or feather to a diamond. The obsession needs to be well monitored so it doesn’t lead to accidental shop lifting.

Child #3 Isaac (2 years)

The toddler, and final addition to the family, is the most chilled child yet. Tolerant isn’t a strong enough word for this child when it comes to being raised alongside his older sisters. Happy all the time.


Country tally 4


Favourite place - anywhere with water


Useless trivia

  • Obsessed with motor bikes and guitars

  • Got his American citizenship at 4 months old


Aliases Zee, Zac Zac, Zee dog, Zac Attack, iZak